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Back Fence Photos

A few pictures of the wacky people who hang out here!  There are a ton of photos.  The page may take a while to load.

charlesrocky.jpg (31910 bytes)  Ernie, Sr. in Paris.  Rock on,  Jimmy!

Rudi and Family and friends!  Vinnie and Mark West - Photo Jim Toscano!  Bob & Norm with Ronnie!

Jennifer and Sam!  Audience member captured on the way to the bathroom!  Back Fence Beuaty!  Tom Riccobono's band after the gig!   

Tom's Band!  More Irish!  Chucka and girls again!

    The Mighty John Larkin!  Leon  Vita and Pat  Tom Riccobono

Chucka and the Burlesque girls!  bobandnorm.jpg (27168 bytes)  teachers.jpg (13254 bytes)  No Cover by Matt Dellinger

Charlie and Bashy   Bashy and Ray!  Marc Barry and Friends!

Christen's Bachelorette Party!  Ray with Alessandra and friends!  Robyn and Jen

BackFencecrowdleft1215.jpg (27094 bytes)  bf03183.jpg (49161 bytes)  bashray.jpg (90366 bytes)

Ray at The Back Fence with 3 cuties.  backfencesummer.jpg (14185 bytes)  ClaudiaandMike.jpg (23738 bytes)

 tomandgirls.JPG (16418 bytes)  Charlie, James and Cade-O behind the bar!  Chucka's Album Cover

       Vinnie & TJ  3backfence.jpg (33836 bytes)  3withgreg.jpg (27793 bytes)  

tomandmark.JPG (19491 bytes)  Pete, Lou and Bro!  bfnye3.jpg (18703 bytes) 

adamandco.jpg (32504 bytes)  two.jpg (24470 bytes)  miami.jpg (59106 bytes)

bfnye2.jpg (64659 bytes)  petermay1.jpg (18530 bytes)  petebashy.jpg (20751 bytes)  Greg Aulden

       A Back Fence doodle of Ray Pasnen by Jennifer Shaw.   Acoustic Blue  Bob & Norm with special guest star, Ronnie Negro  The snakes always get the girls!

Ray Pasnen Trio  Delia, Danny and Robyn at The Back Fence.  Tom Riccobono with Tom Jones 

bfass.jpg (11185 bytes)  Bashy With Tom Jones  Red Rooster on the porch.  Photo by Matt Dellanger.  VinnieFerrone.jpg (188375 bytes)

  Ray Pasnen with some Soap Stars    A Red Rooster Show.  Photo by Matt Dellinger.

Bleecker and Bourbon by Jim Toscano

JimmyToscanoJimmy Toscano on stage and on canvas.  Check the Schedule.  Jimmy is probably playing this week.  Stop by and buy one of his paintings.  More Photos to follow!

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