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Who We Are, Our Journey & Passion for Excellence

Welcome to The Back Fence Online! We started this website to provide reviews and news about sites and applications. We know how difficult it can be to find reliable information about the latest technology, and I wanted to ensure that users could find the best options for their needs.

The Creative Minds Behind The Back Fence Online: A Hub for Gaming and App Enthusiasts

We recently embarked on an exciting journey to create a visually compelling and highly functional website for a local small business.

The Innovative Founder: Jessica Whitfield

Jessica Whitfield is the visionary founder of The Back Fence Online. As an avid gamer and tech enthusiast, she saw the need for a reliable and informative platform that catered to fellow gaming and app lovers. With her extensive knowledge and innovative ideas, Jessica transformed her vision into a reality by creating The Back Fence Online, a hub for engaging content and valuable resources.

The Web Design Wizard: Marco Esposito

Marco Esposito, our lead web designer, has over five years of experience in crafting eye-catching and user-friendly websites. His exceptional design skills and attention to detail ensure that The Back Fence Online provides an enjoyable and seamless browsing experience for our visitors.

The Wordsmith Trio: Austin Dean, Andrew Singleton, and Tania Dzibuk

Our talented authors, Austin Dean, Andrew Singleton, and Tania Dzibuk, bring diverse perspectives and writing styles to The Back Fence Online. Their captivating articles, in-depth game and app reviews, and insightful blog posts keep our audience informed and entertained.

The Code Crusaders: Natalie Kim and Peter Watson

Natalie Kim and Peter Watson form the dynamic development duo at The Back Fence Online. Their combined expertise in coding, programming, and software development allows them to work closely with Marco Esposito to maintain and enhance the website's functionality, ensuring a smooth user experience.

The Customer Care Champion: Samuel Hayes

Samuel Hayes is our dedicated customer support specialist, always available to assist users with their inquiries and concerns. His excellent communication skills and commitment to providing top-notch support make him an invaluable asset to The Back Fence Online team.

Together, this dedicated and skilled team of professionals works to make The Back Fence Online the go-to destination for gaming and app enthusiasts. With a diverse range of expertise in design, development, writing, and social media, our staff is devoted to bringing you the best content and resources in the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from The Back Fence Online! The Back Fence Online aims to provide honest, unbiased reviews and news on sites and applications. We strive to provide up-to-date information so users are always informed. The reviewers are experienced in the tech industry, so they have an in-depth understanding of the products they review. In addition, we offer a forum where users can ask questions and interact with each other. 

Using The Back Fence Online, you can stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. We ensure that reviews are comprehensive so you can make an informed decision when selecting a product or service. Additionally, the forum provides an excellent place for users to interact with each other and share tips or ask questions about a product or service. 

At The Back Fence Online, we are committed to providing readers with a safe and secure platform. We take privacy seriously, so all user data is encrypted and stored securely on servers. 

We hope you'll join us in creating an open platform where everyone can learn more about the latest sites and applications. Thank you for visiting The Back Fence Online! We hope you find everything you need here and we look forward to helping you make the most out of your tech experience!