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Diablo Series: A Journey Through Hell and Heaven

Tania Dzibuk 29 Jul 2023

The 'Diablo' series is an iconic collection of games in the realm of action role-playing games, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Launched in 1996, the series has three games with various expansion packs, making it one of the most successful video game series in the industry. The foundation of Diablo's creation rests on a myriad of myths, religious lores, and horror fiction, making it a highly captivating and addictive experience.

The plot of Diablo revolves around a player's journey through various realms from tranquil heaven to hostile hell, fighting monsters and demonic creatures. The ultimate goal of the series centres on battling Diablo, the Lord of Terror, who seeks to wreak havoc in the world.


Diablo 1996 game

The first installment of the series, 'Diablo', was released in 1996. It's an action role-playing game where the player navigates labyrinth-like dungeons under the fictional town of Tristram, battling various creatures, earning experience points, and acquiring valuable items. The prime objective in Diablo is to descend into the depths of Hell to defeat Diablo himself.

Diablo II

diablo 2 game

Its successor, 'Diablo II,' released in 2000, took the series to new heights. Building on the jarring themes of the first edition, this game provided the gamer with a world five times larger than its predecessor. Along with new character classes, Diablo II came with numerous quests, making it a massive success and setting new standards for role-playing games.

Diablo III

Diablo 3 game

'Diablo III,' the latest installment, was released after a twelve-year gap in 2012. With its enriched gameplay, improved graphics and a robust storyline, it was met with immense popularity. Diablo III took a more narrative approach, delving into the history of Sanctuary (the game’s world) and the Eternal Conflict between Heaven and Hell.

The Future of Diablo Series

As of the series' future developments, Blizzard has announced the inception of 'Diablo IV'. This new game promises to bring back the dark, gothic feel of the original games while adding a more significant emphasis on open-world exploration. With the continual growth of the series’ rich lore and the constant evolution of the game's mechanics and aesthetics, it's clear that the Diablo series will remain an enduring fixture in the gaming world for years to come.