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Experience Double The Fun: Top 10 Split-Screen Games For PC Enthusiasts

Austin Dean 15 Dec 2023

When it comes to shared experiences in gaming, split-screen has always held a special place in the hearts of players. This venerable gaming mode sets the scene for memorable moments right alongside friends and family, making it a preferred choice for many players, even in the age of online multiplayer. Ensuring you have the cream of the crop, we've curated a list of the ten best split-screen PC games, each bringing a unique flavor to the table and ensuring you'll have double the fun without ever having to leave your couch.

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 – A Split-Screen Symphony of Strategy and Storytelling

A masterpiece of RPG craftsmanship from Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin 2 delivers an extraordinary narrative coupled with deep tactical gameplay. This title allows up to four players to experience its rich fantasy world together on the same screen. With a complex story, it also offers tremendous replayability because of its multiple storylines and unique character interactions. The local co-op capability means friends can join forces, take on quests, and navigate tricky diplomatic scenarios or battle enemies side by side, each decision weaving a distinct narrative tapestry.

2. Rocket League – High-Octane Racing Meets Team-Based Tactics

Rocket League is a shining example of a game that merges simplicity with depth. It’s soccer, but with rocket-powered cars, and its split-screen mode makes it the perfect party game. Boasting an easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master philosophy, this game encompasses both casual fun and competitive strategy. Whether you're tactically outmaneuvering the opposition or just having a blast driving up walls, Rocket League’s kinetic energy is infectious and is bound to keep you hooked for hours.

High-Octane Racing Rocket League

3. Overcooked! 2 – A Culinary Chaos Simulator

One of the most delightful yet anxiety-inducing co-op experiences comes from Overcooked! 2. Under the quirky guise of kitchen teamwork, this title from Team 17 will test your cooperative skills to the limit. It’s a gastronomic journey that demands communication, precision, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. As you and your fellow chefs hustle to prepare meals on increasingly wacky kitchens floating on hot air balloons or racing on highways, you’ll find that coordination is key—and perhaps learn a thing or two about how to (or how not to) work under a tight deadline.

4. Cuphead – A Vintage Visual Feast With Wicked Gameplay

Aesthetically inspired by 1930s cartoons, Cuphead by Studio MDHR offers a visually stunning and mechanically challenging experience. Through its split-screen feature, players can team up as Cuphead and Mugman to navigate through a series of fiendishly hard boss battles and run-and-gun levels. The cooperative element brings an additional layer of strategy to the already tough encounters, allowing for shared joy and suffering alike. Just remember, teamwork makes the dream work, even when that dream is lined with punishing—but fair—difficulty.

5. A Way Out – A Tale of Brotherhood and Escape

Developed by Hazelight Studios, A Way Out introduces an innovative take on split-screen gameplay with a cinematic twist. This story-driven adventure demands two players to work in tandem from start to finish, each playing as one of the two main characters, Leo and Vincent. The game pushes the concept of cooperative play to the forefront, as the duo must rely on each other to bust out of prison and stay on the lam. The use of split-screen here is not just a feature—it’s integral to the storytelling and gameplay, creating a fresh and enthralling shared experience.

A Tale of Brotherhood and Escape A Way Out

6. Borderlands 3 – A Looter-Shooter Extravaganza

The Borderlands series is known for its devastatingly fun looter-shooter gameplay, and Borderlands 3 is no exception. With support for up to four players in local split-screen, it invites gamers to scour the militant world together for loot and glory. Each character has unique abilities that can drastically change how you approach skirmishes and exploration. Players will not only share the thrill of collecting rare weapons but can also strategize on the fly, combining their skills to devastating effect.

7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Uniting Blocky Brawls and Superpowers

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, Traveler's Tales brings together a vast array of beloved characters in a toy-like cosmos suitable for all ages. The charm of LEGO games lies in their whimsical presentation and light-hearted humor, all while providing an entertaining and accessible gaming experience. The split-screen multiplayer allows for a seamless drop-in/drop-out experience, ensuring friends can join the superhero escapades without missing a beat. It's a game that proves fun doesn't have to be complex, leveraging the strengths of its iconic characters and the LEGO brand to create a delightfully amusing world.

8. Gears 5 – Action-Packed Cooperative Thrills

The latest in the storied Gears of War franchise, Gears 5 by The Coalition, continues the saga’s tradition of delivering gritty, heart-pumping action suitable for two-player split-screen play. With its polished cover-based shooting mechanics and a hefty campaign, it’s a blockbuster hit that's not afraid to take the narrative in bold new directions. The cooperative aspect is particularly engaging in Gears 5, as players can take on roles that complement each other in battle and experience a gripping story of war and camaraderie.

Action-Packed Cooperative Thrills Gears 5

9. Don't Starve Together – Survival and Sanity in a Gothic World

Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer sequel to Klei Entertainment's inventive survival game transports players to a macabre world where staying alive is as much about mental fortitude as it is about sustenance. In split-screen mode, gamers must cooperate in gathering resources, fending off dark creatures, and maintaining their sanity against an ever-encroaching shadow. The charm lies in its Tim Burton-esque art style and the emergent narratives that arise from the struggle to survive against all odds.

10. Streets of Rage 4 – A Modern Take on Classic Brawling

Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games revived a classic beat-up series with Streets of Rage 4, bringing back the genre with style. It’s a throwback to the days of arcade co-op with a modern layer of polish. The game supports up to four players locally, encouraging a sofa-bound team to pummel their way through hordes of thugs in a gorgeously animated urban sprawl. The split-screen combat is as satisfying as it is nostalgic, providing a punchy, kinetic experience that echoes the simplicity and satisfaction of the genre’s golden days.

These ten exceptional split-screen PC games bring a mix of genres and gameplay styles, ensuring that no matter your preferences, there is a shared-screen experience waiting for you. Whether you're solving puzzles, vanquishing enemies, or revving engines side by side, these games remind us that shared experiences are often the most memorable. So, grab a partner, a family member, or a friend, and get ready to share the joys, the victories, and even the defeats, as these titles redefine cooperative play on the PC platform.