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Exploring the Cosmos in Style: The 6 Best Spacesuits in Starfield, Ranked

Austin Dean 19 Sep 2023

Navigating foreign planets and taking down enemies in spontaneous combats all hinge heavily on your gear, with your spacesuit taking a primary focus. These aren't just your fancy suits; they are survival kits. So buckle up as we journey into Starfield, exploring 6 of the best spacesuits that would enhance your gameplay.

6. Intergalactic Stealth: The Pirate Assault Set

Intergalactic Stealth The Pirate Assault Set

When it comes to securing a robust starting gear for your adventures, the Pirate Assault set does its job commendably. A commonly favored armor among the Crimson Fleet fighters, it strikes the perfect balance as neither too hefty nor too lightweight. On the less bright side, its strength doesn’t scale up as you level, making it quite an inadequate choice for later fights.

5. The Shock Trooper's Companion: Shocktrooper Set

The Shocktrooper set is one dependable mid-game suit. This set is surprisingly adaptable, providing you with noteworthy protection. It's a massive upgrade compared to the early Pirate Assault or Constellation sets. But the set's abilities seem not overpowering enough when compared to the late-game suits.

4. The Superhero Style: Mantis Set

The Superhero Style Mantis Set

The Mantis set has its own charm, complements of a crime-fighting vigilante-themed quest, 'Mantis'. With its considerable perks, it is a risk-reward type of armor. Though generous with benefits, the perks are often unpredictable and lack consistency. Plus, its excess weight could be an issue, sometimes making it less than desirable to some players.

3. A Nod to Heritage: Constellation Mark I Set

The Mark I set is representative of Constellation's original blueprint, offering a winning combo of impressive in-game stats and an emotional connection with the storyline. A notable mid-game suit, it stands high when compared to others at the same stage. Yet, it leaves room for improvements and lacks the gloss that late-game armors offer.

2. Living the Legend: Bounty Hunter Set

The Bounty Hunter set's exceptional durability has made it extremely popular among fans, resembling fantasy armors from distant galaxies. This high-end armor impresses with its toughness and stellar appearance but falls short when dealing with radiation, requiring upgrades for complete protection.

1. Starry Superiority: Starborn Sets

Starry Superiority Starborn Sets

Stealing the limelight at the top of our list are the Starborn suits, quite literally the star suits of Starfield. These ten varied end-game sets, with their legendary perks and an unmatched weight-to-protection ratio, easily take the crown of being the best spacesuits in the game's universe. They, however, require successful gameplay cycles to be unlocked, hindering swift acquisitions.

Conclusion: The Space Exploration Chic

While each of the listed spacesuits offers unique advantages and aesthetic values, the Starborn sets sit atop the pedestal. Its jaw-dropping perks, impressive endurance, and sheer sleek design make this suit deserving every bit of the adoration it basks in, thus prevailing over the rest in user reviews. Arm yourself with these star gears, conquer Starfield, and live the ultimate space adventure.