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An Apple Trick for Better Audio/Video

Austin Dean 25 May 2022

It turns out Apple’s Control Center hides a relatively new feature that can improve the quality of your microphone sound dramatically without any further effort. You can find it under the name of Voice Isolation. It’s available on a wide range of iOS devices, from iPads and iPhones to Macs as long as your gadget is not more than a few years old. You need to be using iOS 15 or macOS Monterey to take advantage of it, that is, a system that comes with built-in support for Spatial Audio, which seems to be somehow related to Voice Isolation. The main problem with this feature is that it can be ridiculously challenging to find, which is why we have brought to you this article on how to activate it.

First of all, the only way to access Voice Isolation is to do it while on a call. That’s weird enough because it means you can’t predetermine the sound quality you’ll get when you make a call; all you can do is improve the situation as it is. The first step to take is to get to the Control Center. Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen or click there if using a Mac. In the Control Center interface, you’ll see a button that’s called Mic Mode. The default option is Standard, but you actually have two more, namely Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum.

Wide Spectrum is a way of saying the people you are talking to will hear more background noise, which might be a good idea if you want to share some kind of audio experience as you talk to someone. If you want them to focus on what you are saying, though, Voice Isolation is the option to choose. It means your device will process the incoming sound actively to filter out as much background noise as possible. What you get is a cleaner sound. Did you know about this feature? Leave a comment to share your experience with voice calls on iOS devices.