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Destiny 2 Unveils Pure Gunplay Experience with Newest Crucible Labs Mode

Austin Dean 23 Feb 2024

Destiny 2's PvP scene has long been a battleground not just for the Guardians within it but also between players and the developers over the direction and balance of player versus player combat. For a game that has its roots deeply embedded in rich story content and engaging PvE battles, its PvP aspects have often felt like an afterthought. This sentiment has been echoed across the community, leading to a demand for more attention and innovation in the Crucible - Destiny 2's dedicated PvP arena. Answering this call, Bungie has introduced a groundbreaking change that has sent waves of excitement throughout the player base.

In an unprecedented move, Bungie has decided to strip down the PvP experience to its bare essentials by introducing a new modifier in the Crucible Labs playlist, which effectively removes all Guardian abilities, leaving only weapons to dictate the outcome of battles. This new mode, aptly named "Hardware", transforms the PvP experience into a purely skill-based contest, where strategic movement and precise aiming are the keys to victory. The introduction of this modifier in the Checkmate game mode is a bold experiment by Bungie to revitalize the PvP scene and provide a fresh challenge for players.

The Destiny 2 community has responded with overwhelming positivity, with numerous players sharing their enthusiasm and approval for this fresh approach. The allure of a guns-only mode has rekindled the interest of lapsed PvP players while offering a novel experience for veterans. This enthusiasm is not just about the removal of abilities but also about the potential rebalancing of the PvP playing field, where reliance on specific class abilities or supers has been a point of contention among the player base.

Bungie's decision to test this new mode in Crucible Labs is a smart move, allowing them to gather feedback and fine-tune the experience based on player input. This iterative approach to game development ensures that changes are made with the community's desires in mind, fostering a collaborative relationship between the developers and the players. The introduction of Hardware is a testament to Bungie's commitment to evolving Destiny 2's PvP experience, and it sets the stage for future innovations that could further enrich the game's competitive landscape.

As Destiny 2's PvP scene enters this new era, the introduction of the Hardware modifier marks a pivotal moment in the game's history. By focusing on gunplay and strategy, Bungie is offering players a purer form of competition, free from the complexities of abilities and supers. This modification could significantly alter the definition of success within the Crucible, prompting participants to adjust and improve their abilities in novel manners. As Patch 7.3.6 rolls out, bringing with it the Checkmate: Hardware mode, the Destiny 2 community eagerly anticipates the fresh challenges and opportunities that await in this reimagined battlefield.