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Fallout Comes to Hearts of Iron IV with Old World Blues Update

Austin Dean 27 Feb 2023

Old World Blues, a fan-made total conversion mod for the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, is a perfect mix of post-apocalyptic visuals combined with historically accurate gameplay. Developed by a team of highly skilled modders, Old World Blues brings Fallout to the world of Hearts of Iron IV with a completely new map, never-before-seen technologies and factions, and completely redesigned progression trees.

It starts in the year 2275, allowing players to take part in a dynamic war between the Fallout factions, each with its own characters, units, and technologies. Not only does the mod feature a highly detailed post-apocalyptic world, but it also offers complex strategic gameplay typical of Hearts of Iron IV. To make the experience more engaging, it includes a huge number of events to keep players on their toes.

Moreover, the mod does not lack in visuals and sound. With new maps, textures, music, and effects, players can completely immerse themselves in the world of Fallout. Recently, the mod authors have released an update, numbered 4.1.16, which further improves the game. This includes gameplay balance fixes, bug fixes, AI improvements, and advisors for the New Reno faction inspired by characters from Fallout 2.

Another highlight of Old World Blues is the attention to detail. Players will be able to find unique technologies and weapons that were previously unknown, as well as faithfully reproduced faction leaders, each with their own unique bonuses. These are just a few of the many improvements that have been made to the mod since its initial release. 

In conclusion, Old World Blues is an impressive total conversion mod that perfectly blends the post-apocalyptic environment of Fallout with the depth and complexity of the Hearts of Iron IV mechanics. With an improved map, more events and technologies, and tons of other new features, the mod is sure to provide an exciting and unforgettable experience. For those who are curious, it can be downloaded from the mod authors' FTP.