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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 Will be a “Curtain Call” for Characters Introduced in the Remake Trilogy

Andrew Singleton 25 Apr 2024

Square Enix has taken a novel approach with its Final Fantasy 7 remake by expanding the narrative across three full games, allowing for a deeper exploration of its universe and characters. This expansion includes the addition of new characters not seen in the original release. These characters, though secondary, play significant roles and are set to have their stories concluded in the final game of the remake trilogy.

In the recently released companion book, "Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Material Ultimania Plus," scenario writer Hiroaki Iwaki shared insights into how the development team intends to wrap up these new character arcs. He mentioned that the upcoming game will feature "side episodes" dedicated to bringing closure to the tales of these additional characters, describing this finale as a "curtain call" for them.

Further developments on the trilogy’s last installment were disclosed, indicating that the storyline preparation is complete and that voice recording is set to commence shortly. According to creative director Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix aims to conclude development within the next three years, hinting at a projected 2027 release for this action RPG.

Moreover, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth game director Naoki Hamaguchi has hinted at the inclusion of narratives and characters from the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 series, and aspects of the original game that were skipped in Rebirth, such as Rocket Town, are likely to be reintroduced. He also noted that the game’s world map would be redesigned to accommodate airship traversal, enriching the gameplay experience and allowing for expansive exploration.

This strategic expansion of the game’s story and character arcs demonstrates Square Enix’s ambition to both honor the legacy of Final Fantasy 7 and enhance the overall narrative depth for new and returning players alike. This approach not only enriches the gaming experience but also sets the stage for a memorable conclusion to the remade trilogy.