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Giants Among Us: How Armored Core 6's Mammoth Boss Redefines Scale in Gaming

Andrew Singleton 19 Sep 2023

Plunging into the immersive world of Armored Core 6, with its monstrous mechs and larger-than-life antagonists, one might feel like a tiny player in an overwhelmingly enormous sandbox. However, the most jaw-dropping revelation is yet to come. Our story revolves around the Ice Worm boss, an entity of colossal proportions, dwarfing everything else in the game and charting new territories when it comes to size and scale in virtual reality.

Pouring over comparisons drawn between Armored Core 6 and FromSoft's previous titles, such as Elden Ring and Dark Souls, draws startling insights. Renowned data miner Zullie the Witch unfurls the secret – Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring share not only the same engine but also the model scale. The game's dimensions are realistic and proportionate, creating a new benchmark in gaming realism.

Imagine taking the mammoth Ice Worm from Armored Core 6 and comparing it to structures in Elden Ring - you'd be in for an unexpected surprise! Stretched end-to-end, the Ice Worm extends from the First Step site of grace all the way to Castle Morne on the Weeping Peninsula, an entire zone away. And that's not all. A Tarnished - the daring heroes of Elden Ring - would barely reach the size of one of the Ice Worm's teeth!

But does size actually matter in the gaming battleground? If you've ever held the controls as Callsign: Raven, Armored Core's superior player character, you'd understand the impact of size on gameplay dynamics. Put simply, most of Elden Ring's demigods would barely reach the shin height of an average Armored Core mech, a fact that could substantially alter the course of combat if the worlds were to clash.

In conclusion, the Ice Worm of Armored Core 6 has catapulted into undisputed stardom. It's brilliant proof of how virtual reality can tweak the impossible and the unimaginable, leaving gamers agape and awestruck. And it underlines one captivating fact – in the gaming universe, size does matter!