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Google Clock App Update Raises Questions Over Alarm Buttons

Austin Dean 26 Jan 2023

Google is rolling out a new update to its clock app, but it’s not being welcomed with open arms. The familiar slider used to dismiss or snooze alarms has been replaced with large buttons that some fear could be too easy to tap accidentally. Developers are feeling the pressure to update apps, but this change may not necessarily make using the app better for everyone.

Developers are always trying to improve user experience by updating apps, but this time Google might be taking things too far with its latest move in the Clock app. In Version 7.4 of the app, users will find that their dependable slider for snoozing and stopping alarms has been replaced with two large buttons – not ideal when you’re groggy from sleep and prone to accidental tapping! Thankfully there are steps you can take if you want to keep your beloved alarm slider or revert back to an earlier version of the app altogether.
To start off, anyone who already has Version 7.4 installed should go into their Android settings under Accessibility and disable any entries under “Downloaded Apps” if they don’t want their alarm UI changed up on them while they're still half asleep! This will bring the slider back as it was before, so no more worrying about accidentally hitting those extra large buttons when all you wanted was a few more minutes of restful shut-eye!

If disabling accessibility features isn’t enough for peace of mind, though, users can also opt-out completely by rolling back their clocks apps from Version 7.4 all the way down to 7.3 (the last release without a button-based interface). This older version is still available through Google Play Store – just search for Google Clock 7.3 and install it before continuing your day (or night).


All in all, whether it's because of personal preference or fear of accidental taps during sleepy mornings/nights, there are ways around this new update if having one big button instead of a slick swipe slider just doesn't feel right anymore! While we may never know why exactly this change happened in this particular update (we'll leave that mystery up in Mountain View). Hopefully, now we've armed readers with options, so they don't have to worry about stumbling into any surprises while getting ready each day/night - peaceful shut-eye awaits us all!