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Google Play Store Update Brings Cross-Device App Uninstallation Feature

Andrew Singleton 21 Dec 2023

Android users are receiving a new update for the Google Play Store app, which introduces an innovative feature enhancing the management of applications across multiple devices. The latest version, labeled 38.8, started reaching users last week, and with it, the ability to uninstall applications from different devices directly from one’s smartphone is now a reality. This function extends beyond smartphones, offering compatibility with Wear OS smartwatches, smart TVs using Android TV, and devices equipped with Android Auto.

The update from Google was described as a "novel capability to aid in the removal of apps across connected gadgets." Now, users have more flexibility in managing their app ecosystem across various devices, ranging from phones to automotive systems, computers, smart TVs, and even smartwatches.

The process is not as straightforward as the already provided option for remote app installation, which many users are familiar with. For an individual to remotely remove apps on another gadget, they must ensure that all devices in question are signed into the same Google account. After doing so, one can proceed by tapping on their Play Store profile image, navigating to Manage apps & devices, and then selecting Manage. A subsequent pop-up menu allows the user to choose the device from which they want to delete applications. Post selection, users can peruse the list of installed apps and opt to delete them from afar.

This remote management capability proves particularly useful when there's a need to swiftly remove an application from a smart TV or smartwatch when such devices are not within physical reach. The report also suggests that it's possible to queue up several apps for removal on another device concurrently. An additional sorting feature lets users organize the apps either by name or by size; choosing the latter can assist in quickly discerning which apps are occupying the most storage space, ensuring efficient space management on their phones.