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Hideo Kojima Says OD Will Be Against The Current Gaming Scene

Austin Dean 04 Jan 2024

In the gaming world, Hideo Kojima is synonymous with innovation and boundary-pushing concepts. Recently, the esteemed game developer has teased gaming enthusiasts with enigmatic statements regarding his new project, OD. Kojima is known for his unique way of hinting at and revealing details about his projects, and his latest musings are particularly revealing.

Through a series of Tweets, Kojima reflected on his legacy of crafting games deviating from mainstream trends. He reminisced about his iconic creations, such as Metal Gear and Death Stranding, noting how they both defied the norms of their respective eras. Further, he referenced a lesser-known experimental idea he had once pondered—a game centered around the idea of combating nocturnal creatures by using actual sunlight. The concept hinted at a gameplay experience that could have rivaled the likes of Pokémon Go with its innovative approach to player engagement.

Linking this past notion to his current work, Kojima insinuated that OD is designed to stand out in a similar fashion. He suggested that, much like his previous works, OD would not conform to the industry's prevailing currents. Given Kojima's track record with Death Stranding—a game of the genre many thought challenging to execute successfully—it is likely that OD has the potential to redefine gaming norms.

Kojima began his journey in the gaming industry by working on a military shooter, which at the time was a prevalent genre. However, it wasn't until he infused the concept of stealth into the game that it morphed into Metal Gear, the franchise that would come to redefine the stealth genre. This historic turnabout leads one to believe that OD could be poised to mark the inception of yet another new gaming genre.

It is crucial to remember that all current interpretations of OD are founded on glimpses and hints from Kojima, without concrete details regarding gameplay, narrative, or a release schedule. As this community waits with bated breath, the official unveiling of OD's specifics could still bring surprises.

Even so, for those who have experienced Kojima's games over the years, there is a strong sense of anticipation that with OD's deviation from convention, the gaming legend might be on the cusp of introducing another groundbreaking hit to the world.