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IO Interactive Reveals More Details About Their James Bond Game

Austin Dean 05 Jan 2024

The Danish video game developer IO Interactive, renowned for the Hitman franchise, has provided insight into their upcoming venture, Project 007, through an interview with Edge magazine. Hakan Abrak, the CEO, alongside creative lead Christian Elverdam, shared that the game would emphasize story-telling and a spy's intricate world rather than being centered solely on high-octane action sequences.

The game is set to be a fresh take on the James Bond narrative, focusing on the character’s formative years and portraying his journey through the initial phases of his career. This fresh perspective is expected to reflect a somber and more serious tone, akin to the James Bond depicted by Daniel Craig, instead of the whimsical version of the agent brought to life by Roger Moore in the past.

Abrak noted that their decades-long experience with crafting spy fantasy elements in their games has been like a preparatory phase for this opportunity. He envisions that Project 007 will allow the studio to transcend their reputation as just the developers of the Hitman series.

Unlike the Hitman games that are known for their less structured approach, allowing players free rein in vast environments, Project 007 is set to offer a narrative that's more scripted. This could align it with more classic third-person adventure games. Yet, the influence of IO Interactive's previous work will not be completely absent. Elverdam alluded to their plan to create a dynamic and evolving in-game universe, which will contain elements of narrative progression and opportunities to revisit parts of the game.

The ambitions for Project 007 are high, as Abrak and Elverdam disclosed their plan to stretch the game into a series similar to their successful Hitman trilogy. This aspiration will depend on the reception of the initial game, but the team at IO Interactive is confident that they will produce a Bond game which offers something original and engaging for players to experience.

Securing the rights to develop a James Bond video game is a significant milestone for IO Interactive. The studio's history of developing games centered around the life of a skilled agent for hire sets a precedent for their foray into the world of 007 – a character who, while not an assassin, operates as a secret agent for Britain's MI6 and performs lethal acts when necessary to complete his missions.