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Mario Kart 8 Reveals New DLC Circuits That Will Be Accessible to Everyone

Austin Dean 17 Feb 2022

Nintendo is providing gamers with a glimpse at new racing tracks. Before 2023 ends, The deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 is expected to receive 48 additional circuits as paid DLC, and the best part is that you don't have to pay to play them, but purchasing them directly still seems like the correct course of action.

The website for Mario Kart 8 reveals that the first wave of Booster Tracks will be ready in March, will be playable by everyone, regardless of whether they purchased the pass or not. The eight new circuits will be available in both races for friends and rivals and can be completed online or offline beginning on March 18, even if only one player owns the courses. Then, beginning March 22, the Wave 1 circuits will surface randomly for everyone in Mario Kart 8 matches online, regardless of whether they are owned by the player or not. 

This might be Nintendo's approach of giving gamers a glimpse of the new tracks and encouraging players to purchase them immediately to play offline anytime they choose. As stated during this month's Nintendo Direct, eight tracks will be distributed in six waves, to make a total of 48 circuits. On March 18, the very first of the eight tracks will be released, with confirmed titles such as Mario Kart Tour, Mario Kart Wii, as well as Mario Kart 64. 

The pass for the Booster Course costs $25. It's also available for free with the Expansion Pass and the Nintendo Switch Online. Individual course waves cannot be bought separately. After the Deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 sold over 43 million units, it becomes the best-selling game in the history of Switch, so, understandably, Nintendo intends to keep it going with more DLC.

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