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New Chrome Extension Reminder of Scheduled Meetings

Austin Dean 28 Sep 2022

If you have a schedule literally every minute and there are several important meetings and briefings every day, you will definitely appreciate the new extension for the Chrome browser. It will remind you of the planned event so that you arrive on time. But it can do much more than just that.

As with many other extensions for this browser, handling the timeOS is very simple. Install the product on your device and activate it in the extension settings. It’s important that you have device sync enabled in your Google Account so that the service collects appointment data wherever you record it. Launch synchronization, after which the nearest scheduled event will appear in a new browser tab.

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J to join the first meeting quickly or go to it through the pop-up window. Depending on the settings, the extension will remind you of your plans 10 or 30 minutes beforehand. Moreover, it also takes into account all subsequent events, so it will recommend that you end one call in advance so that you can switch to another task without delay.

Also, by pressing the Ctrl + I combination, you can call up the “Notes” section, where you can customize templates, plan “Agenda,” and add new events. If you are a Notion user, you can sync the two products to get quick access to all the guides you have saved in your Notion account.

The timeOS is developed by the Magical team, which aims to build apps that will help users streamline meeting and event planning. Their new extension makes it easier to manage your schedules and get ready for meetings faster with the notes you need at hand. In the nearest plans of developers is integration with large services like Slack, Jira, and so on.

Do you need such an assistant to plan and manage meetings? We’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve already tested the timeOS!