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PUBG MOBILE Futuristic Erangel Update

Austin Dean 21 Jul 2021

What should we expect from the new PUBG MOBILE Version 1.5? The developers changed the standard Erangel to the one that opens the doors to the future. They introduced the innovative technology named DynaHex. Transportation has also transformed a lot, and a new main game mode called Mission Ignition will appear in this game version. 

The energy giant DynaHex conducts a survey on the Erangel for future improvement. Such a game conversion opens a completely new world for beginners and old players. The six main districts were upgraded: the Transit Center, the Security Center, Georgopol, the Logistic Agency, the Energy Center, and the Tech Center. The developers added a huge amount of useful elements, which you can use during battles. 

Moreover, the players will be able to enjoy the Mission Ignition expansion, the main mode that was modified a lot. You notice these significant changes when you open the island for the first time. Logistics, transportation, energy utilization, and military defense were greatly developed. The points you gain in Mission Ignition will be added to your Classic mode rank. 

Also, the new massive transport chain called HyperLines will make traveling a lot easier than before. This line connects the cities on the island so that you can discover various strategies to move between the locations. The players will be able to use the city bus as a mobile cover if they get how to do this.

There is also a brand-new command center called Tesla Gigafactory, where you can try the innovative Tesla car models. The ones with autopilot are also available. As you see, there are many collaborations with DynaHex and Tesla, which makes the game much more technically modified and fascinating to play.