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Redesigned Gmail for Persons as Well as for Business

Austin Dean 23 Feb 2022

Recently Google announced the updated interface for Gmail, revamped under the Workspace introduction. Initially, it was only announced for business Workspace accounts. But a bit later, Google promised that regular free users will receive this update on the same day, as well as those who pay.

The new interface is made according to the Material New guidelines. Visually, it looks like finer lines between more readable text on the white and gray background. But, along with purely visual revamping, it offers an impressive functional upgrade. Making Gmail-gone-Workspace more business-oriented, Google obviously treats free users with the taste of it. 

The collapsible panel to the left of the folder list provides access to a number of Google apps that are now based on Gmail. From this panel, you can launch communication apps Meet, Chat, Spaces, or Mail. While the panel is open, you can switch between the apps within Google Workspace, according to which of them you need now.

The new interface is designed first of all for desktops, though it will look great on tablets too (in the case for some reason you don’t want to install the app). Within the new interface, you can enable pop-up bubbles for a chat.

Expect the new interface to arrive on February 28. You can take a look at the new interface even earlier, though, because Google has launched a special tutorial page that explains what to expect. After the update, though, you will need to switch to the new interface manually: go to Settings, then to Quick Settings, and toggle on the “Try out the New Gmail View” option.

Are you a Workspace business or a free Gmail user? Do you find the new interface more readable, and the new apps panel really useful? Which of these functions do you find the most necessary? Share your expression in the comments if you please!