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Stellar Blade’s Powerful Burst Skills Showcased in New Trailer

Austin Dean 24 Apr 2024

In the latest update from Shift Up, the focus has shifted from Beta Skills to the more potent Burst Skills in their upcoming game, Stellar Blade. These enhanced attacks not only pack a more powerful punch but also exhibit a flair of sophistication in their execution. While engaging in combat and utilizing skills like Blink and Repulse helps accumulate Burst Energy, executing a Perfect Dodge is another effective strategy to build this energy. This maneuver, however, must be unlocked through the game’s skill tree, and it's particularly useful for players who may struggle with timing parries.

Stellar Blade is set to be released on the PS5 on April 26 and will be available for $70. For gamers eager to get a preview, a free demo is offered, which includes initial game sequences and introduces characters such as Tachy and Adam. Additionally, a Boss Challenge mode is available, providing a platform to further explore different skills and equipment outside of the main narrative. This extra feature adds more depth and replayability to the gaming experience, allowing players to refine their combat strategies.