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Stop Posting TikTok Videos in Reels

Austin Dean 27 Apr 2022

This is the unmistakable message that Instagram has been giving its users to make sure that credit goes where it belongs. It underlies a set of changes to the creator policy. First of all, product tagrs are now available to every user, which means you can easily tag a product you are using in your video. Secondly, you can assign yourself to a category based on what you do. This way your occupation will appear each time you are tagged in others’ content. Finally, Instagram’s focus is clearly shifting onto original content as opposed to reposts.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has recently posted a video where he explains the new features. The emphasizes that it’s unfair to get the same amount of credit as the author or even more if you simply repost something. The social media giant is currently trying to make it apparent that authentic content has greater inherent value compared to reposts, encouraging its users to refrain from the latter. To make sure this does instill, Instagram is introducing a ranking system based on originality. Mosseri has so far offered no details on how the platform’s algorithms will tackle the notion of original, mentioning that it is going to be a tough task that will likely take several attempts.

The recently introduced Reels format has become Instagram's biggest highlight. However, it’s a common complaint that the app now feels and looks very much like a clone of TikTok, not lastly because many hugely popular accounts will just repost short videos from the competitor network. Presently, TikTok is viewed as a place where new memes are born,  while Instagram just helps those spread. Do you feel like the solution offered by Mosseri will help? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this article.