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Suicide Squad: Player Frustration Rises Due to Required Online Connection for Justice League Game

Austin Dean 27 Feb 2023

The recent State of Play event, which showcased a lengthy video of Suicide Squad, was met with mostly negative feedback from gamers. Not only were there complaints about stiff gameplay, but also an underwhelming live-service game model. However, the list of grievances can get even longer, with the news of a required internet connection for even solo gameplay.

The need for an active internet connection has become common practice in live-service games, such as Redfall and Back 4 Blood, even though this requirement tends to annoy more than a few players. Nevertheless, Suicide Squad still isn’t immune to this issue, and the announcement has been met with discontent. What’s more, the game is the latest title from the developers of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, who are known for their excellent single-player games.

The game itself is a cooperative shooter for four people, although it will feature a single player mode as well. This game mode will involve AI-controlled companions and players will be able to switch between characters anytime. The requirement for an internet connection might be a given for live-service games, but it still comes as a disappointment to fans.

That’s not to say that all hope is lost, as Back 4 Blood had a similar rule initially, but later included an offline mode after launch. It remains to be seen whether Suicide Squad will also introduce such an update, and players might just be in luck.

The game releases on May 26, 2023, simultaneously on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. However, its success is still hard to predict after the recent discouraging information revealed in the official FAQ. As of now, the upcoming title has not been able to impress the gaming community and appears to be heading for a rough launch.