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The Upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 Story Mode Offers Approximately 5-6 Hours of Gameplay

Andrew Singleton 01 Aug 2023

Mortal Kombat, the iconic fighting game franchise, has seen the development of its installment by NetherRealm Studios. The forthcoming battle extravaganza, Mortal Kombat 1, is expected to feature a story mode that will provide around 5-6 hours of gameplay, according to the game's creative director, Ed Boon.

While it's common for role-playing games to extend into dozens of hours, it is relatively unusual for a fighting game to offer such a lengthy campaign. This announcement is, therefore, likely to stir excitement within the gaming community, particularly among the avid followers of the Mortal Kombat series.

An extended story mode such as this signifies a major shift in the franchise, propelling it far beyond its traditional beat-'em-up roots. Players would now be given a deeper insight into the narrative and the characters, with more room to understand the game's complex world.

In an exchange on Twitter, Boon conveyed that the game was designed to be rich in content for both single-player and multiplayer modes. This implies that the robust content offering will not only be limited to the story mode but will extend across all facets of Mortal Kombat 1. Indeed, Ed Boon's assurance of more playing hours suggests that the upcoming installment is likely to keep gamers engaged for longer than previous versions.

In conclusion, Mortal Kombat 1's extended story mode looks set to provide players with more gameplay than might be expected from a typical fighting game. While the 56-hour figure is based on playtesting and could be subject to change, it is currently clear that Mortal Kombat 11 is shaping up to offer a truly comprehensive gaming experience.