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Try These GTA SA PC Mods Right Now

Tania Dzibuk 02 Aug 2021

GTA San Andreas was released back in 2004 and is still popular with die-hard fans. It's not surprising since it's incredibly moddable. These custom add-ons are definitely worth a try.

1. Gravity Gun

Hello to Half-Life 2 fans! With the Gravity Gun, you can pull and push moving objects. Not happy with the way some guy looked at you? Pull them closer for a serious conversation.

2. First-Person View

GTA SA is played from a third-person perspective. However, many gamers prefer the first-person view, as it allows deeper immersion in the world. Install this mod to make all the actions more spectacular.

3. Parkour

This one can be considered a reference to games like Assassin's Creed. With its help, your character gets new skills in the form of a 65 trick set.

4. Sound Pack

Sound Pack mod will take your user experience to the next level. Screams of passers-by, sounds of sirens, and loud explosions can make a bit outdated game more dynamic.

5. Graphics Mods

Several mods improve the graphics in this game. So, for example, IV LOS Santos will slightly update the textures to GTA 4, and V Graphics ENB will make the picture closer to GTA 5 graphics.

6. Overdose Effects

The game itself has various effects that accompany explosions, fires, etc. However, by the standards of modern projects, they are not so impressive. Improve them and enjoy your favorite game.

7. Cheat Menu

Do you like using cheat codes? Then this mod is for you. Now you do not need to memorize all the necessary combinations or search for them on the Internet; the game will offer you a special menu.


You can optimize the controls in the game with a user-friendly visual interface. Now the right weapon is always at hand.

9. SAxVCxLC Connected

With this mod, you can combine three iconic cities in one game. Along with new locations, you will get new missions for CJ.

Explore the New Facets of the Old Game

Some mods not only adjust the graphics and improve the user experience but also add new missions. If you've explored every nook and cranny of GTA SA, mods are a great opportunity to look at your favorite game from a new angle.