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WhatsApp Enhances Chat Search with New Calendar Feature on Android Beta

Austin Dean 19 Dec 2023

Regular WhatsApp users who exchange large volumes of messages often face the challenge of locating specific past messages. While the app's search function enables users to seek out old texts, it requires specific keywords, often leading individuals to laboriously scroll through their chat histories when the details elude them. A ray of hope recently emerged as developers began toying with a calendar-based search tool within WhatsApp Web's beta version, a feature that seemingly has now extended to the Android app's beta environment.

This functionality was discovered within the WhatsApp beta for Android version Shortly after, a newer version,, became available.

Users would certainly greet the introduction of this tool with enthusiasm, as it promises to alleviate the hassle of deep-diving into long chat transcripts. When enabled, an icon resembling a calendar is expected to manifest upon engaging the Search option found within the three-dot menu or by navigating to Search via a user or group profile.

The calendar-based search performs as anticipated but does not fully align with Android's typical date selection interface. Presently, users must swipe or tap directional arrows to traverse through different months based on displayed screenshots. Nevertheless, the feature does allow for a simple tap to jump to a specific year, adding a level of convenience.

Given the practicality of searching by date, it's anticipated that this tool will proliferate across additional devices in the near future. WhatsApp appears poised to roll out several other intriguing new features, as indicated by the latest beta updates, suggesting an eventful period ahead for the app's users.

Interestingly, development on a similar calendar search feature for iPhone users has been ongoing since June 2020, with the first iOS beta introduction occurring earlier this year, as reported by WABetaInfo. Consequently, the feature's advent on Android seemed inevitable. It is somewhat unexpected, however, that the WhatsApp Web beta received the update before the Android version, marking a departure from the usual update pattern.

It's also notable that WhatsApp's primary Chat tab already possesses a search feature that includes the ability to apply filters such as read/unread status, images, videos, links, GIFs, audio, documents, and polls, but it lacks the newly introduced Calendar search option.