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Why Are Pokemon Fans Refusing To Play Scarlet & Violet Because of the Save Wipe Bug?

Austin Dean 15 Mar 2023

It’s almost a month since the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and for some players, it's been anything but smooth sailing. A select few players have had their save files wiped due to data corruption, resulting in hours of progress lost, hundreds of Pokemon Go, and beloved team members missing. This issue has caused many players to stop playing the game entirely out of fear that their saves may be corrupted too.

The cause behind this bug is still unknown, and Game Freak is reportedly struggling to determine precisely what is causing it. Speculation suggests that downloading DLC or interacting with Pokemon Go could be responsible, but this hasn't been confirmed yet as not everyone who has interacted with these features have experienced this bug.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding this bug, many players have decided that it's simply too risky for them to continue playing Scarlet & Violet until they can be sure that their saves won't get wiped again. As a result, these fans are missing out on events like the Decidueye raid event as well as any other future events, which makes things even more frustrating for them.

Some fans on Reddit believe that Game Freak should take responsibility and replace any lost items if they can’t fix the bug completely – after all, they were aware of its existence before releasing it into the public domain! But until then, many people will remain offline to protect themselves from losing everything once again – no matter how unlikely it may seem at first glance.

Despite this setback, however, there are still plenty of ways for people to enjoy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet without putting themselves at risk – such as watching Twitch streams or YouTube guides instead! There’s always something new happening in the world of Pokémon, so staying up-to-date without having your progress wiped clean will help you stay engaged with your favorite franchise even when you don't feel safe logging back into your game just yet!

All in all, while we wait patiently (or impatiently) for Game Freak to put an end to this save wipe bug saga once and for all by providing us with an explanation or solution – let us remember why we fell in love with Pokémon games in the first place: because they're fun experiences meant solely meant our entertainment pleasure.