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YouTube Offers Advanced Player for Learning

Austin Dean 19 Sep 2022

YouTube reveals its plan to help educational establishments and private teachers to provide videos for students via an add-free player. There will be no extra distractions for learners in the classrooms. Educational creators will receive a chance to check out the in-stream courses.

According to the latest data, 93 percent of viewers on YouTube visited educational resources. Whether it was tips on some specific topics for your homework or DIY independent projects, YouTube offered a wide range of materials. The lockdown during the Covid pandemic proved the necessity to have all the educational materials available online. YouTube has noticed one of the major tendencies of the current market and decided to make a specific YouTube Player for Education.
This player will be available for students and teachers. Educators will be able to show the students the content they’ve made without any ads or links to third-party platforms. Qualified teachers will be able to offer their unique materials for free or for payment via their platform. The company wants to attract more schools and high educational establishments to its platform.

The company says that the YouTube Player for Education is the new educational environment that makes learning accessible for everyone. It will contain educational materials. There will be no extra recommendations, external links, or bothering ads. Teachers will be able to download their own videos and share content they have found there with the students if it matches the school curriculum.  Students will be able to use the platform to receive knowledge without any distractions.

YouTube signed the partnership with global popular educational platforms. They cooperate with Purdue University, EDpuzzle, and Purdue Global. They plan to have the expansion in the future with more edtech establishments working with them.

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