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8 Useful Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

Austin Dean 21 Feb 2021

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and it's not for no reason. In the game, you have to create items, buildings, and tools with the resources you find or create. This is where crafting recipes come in. Crafting recipes are a list of instructions on how to create an item or tool with the items you have. Sometimes these recipes are hidden, and you may have to figure out how to craft them.

1. Fences

Fences are blocks that are used to keep players and mobs away from a certain area. Fences are composed of sticks, cloth, and string. To make fences, players must place three sticks on their side of the line, then place two sticks on the other side of the line. 

After placing the sticks, the player must make a string by placing the wool on the crafting table. Next, the player must place the string on top of the sticks. Finally, the player must place the cloth on top, and the fence is complete.

2. Torch

A torch is a light source which can be crafted on a workbench. It requires a stick and coal to make. Once crafted, a torch can be used to light up dark areas.

3. The Golden Apple 

The Golden Apple is a rare item in Minecraft that, when eaten, heals the player for 2 ( ) hearts and has a 50% chance of making the player invulnerable for 3 minutes. Golden Apples can be found by breaking grass, killing Zombie Pigmen, or trading with Villagers.

4. Fishing rod

A fishing rod is an item used to catch fish when fishing. It can be crafted by combining three sticks of any type with three strings in a crafting table.

The fishing rod is one of the many items that can be crafted in Minecraft. It is created with two sticks and two pieces of string. One of the sticks is held in the player's offhand slot and the other is held in the player's main hand slot. Once the rod is crafted, it allows the player to catch fish that spawn in bodies of water, which can then be cooked for food.

5. Boat

Boats are used in the game to travel across water. They are crafted from wood, which can be harvested from trees, and can carry up to four players. Boat is an item in the game Minecraft. It can be crafted by using 3 logs on the crafting table. Boat is an item that can be used to get around on the water.

6. Piston 

A piston is a block that can push movable objects. In game, it allows pistons to push blocks, and blocks to push other blocks. The block has a rod on the top and a block on the bottom. When the piston is powered, it will push the block on the top down. This action causes the rod on the top to extend and push the block on the bottom.

7. Daylight sensor

Daylight sensor can be used to measure the time of day and day length in Minecraft. In order to craft daylight sensor, you need 4 redstone torches, 4 blocks of redstone, and 2 blocks of iron. Place the torches on the edges of the redstone blocks and place the daylight sensor on top.

8. Concrete 

Concrete is a very useful item in Minecraft. This is mainly because it is needed to create many other items, such as a crafting table, a furnace, and a door. The recipe for this item is to craft two blocks of gravel, sand, and clay together in a crafting table.


Minecraft is a popular game with many players. There are many items you can craft, but you may have to figure out the recipe. This article lists some of the most useful crafting recipes, but there are so much more.