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Atomic Heart: How to Defeat the Tough Boss Enemy, Dewdrop

Austin Dean 26 Feb 2023

Atomic Heart is an action-adventure game set in an alternate Soviet Union. It features a wide variety of enemies and bosses, with Dewdrop being one of the toughest. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Loadout

Prepare Your Loadout

Before you attempt to take on Dewdrop, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. You'll need a powerful energy weapon, such as the Zvezdochka, and some sort of explosive damage weapon, like a grenade launcher. You should also have some sort of frost, fire, or electricity weapon to deal with Dewdrop's resistant outer shell. Lastly, you'll want to stock up on consumables, like Condensed Milk, which will increase your damage output.

Step 2: Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy

It is a massive biomechanical creature with an exoskeleton and a powerful laser. It is resistant to most types of damage, but it does have one weak spot: its laser eye. Whenever Dewdrop opens its eye shield, it is vulnerable to damage. This usually happens when it attacks or gets stunned, or occasionally while it is moving.

Step 3: Attack


When the fight begins, the best way to take down Dewdrop is to use Mass Telekinesis to lift it in the air. Then hit him with the charge attack "Reverse Shot" from the Asterisk. This should do significant damage to Dewdrop's health.

When it gets down to about 60% health, it will enter its second phase. In this phase, Dewdrop will become even more aggressive and difficult to hit. It will use its laser, as well as balls of goo and tentacles to attack. The gooey tentacles are particularly vulnerable to damage, so take advantage of this.

Step 4: Repeat and Win

Repeat and Win

Once Dewdrop enters its second phase, simply repeat the attack pattern from Step 3 a couple more times and it will be defeated. Be sure to use Mass Telekinesis whenever you can, and make sure to stay on your toes. If you keep up the pressure and use the right weapons, you should be able to take down Dewdrop in no time.


Dewdrop is one of the toughest bosses in Atomic Heart, but with the right equipment and strategy, you can take it down. Make sure you stock up on the right weapons and consumables before the fight, and use Mass Telekinesis to interrupt Dewdrop's deadliest attack. Keep up the pressure and use the right weapons, and you'll be able to take down Dewdrop in no time. Good luck!