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Destiny 2: Uncovering the Secrets of the Deep Dive - All Plant and Flora Locations

Tania Dzibuk 12 Jun 2023

In Destiny 2's latest expansion, players can now explore the depths of the ocean through the Deep Dive activity, where they can discover and collect various plants and flora. In this guide, we'll walk you through the locations of all these hidden treasures to enhance your underwater adventures and give you a sense of accomplishment. So, dive right in, and let's find these hidden gems!

1. Twilight Plant: A Glimpse of Sunlight in the Depths

Twilight Plant A Glimpse of Sunlight in the Depths

Located in the first area, the Twilight Depth, the Twilight Plant is easy to find. Players will need to drop down into the methane waters after receiving Ahsa's Gift and navigate through the introduction area. Keep an eye out for glowing yellow plants that indicate the right direction. After unlocking the door and maintaining your Pressure Resistance with air bubbles, you'll find the Twilight Plant tucked away in a small alcove surrounded by other plants. Collecting this plant will grant you some Sonar XP and a unique aquarium collectible.

2. Twilight Flora: Luminescent Life in the Deep

Continuing your journey, you'll come across the Twilight Flora at the bottom of the Twilight area. Keep dropping down and hit air bubbles to avoid suffocation until you reach 1000 meters below the Methane Sea. You'll find a cluster of glowing plants with a hexagonal shape and a glowing patch on the floor. Collect the orange, sharp-petaled Twilight Flora for additional Sonar XP and yet another aquarium collectible.

3. Midnight Plant: Hidden Beauty in the Old Sunken Arcology

Midnight Plant Hidden Beauty in the Old Sunken Arcology

After completing the second week's mission, you'll gain access to the Midnight Depth. Successfully complete the Twilight area's encounter and delve further into the Old Sunken Arcology. Avoid dropping in the large hole you'll come across. Instead, slip into an open hatch on the right and find the Midnight Plant partially buried in the sand. Collecting this plant will reward you with even more Sonar XP and a fascinating addition to your aquarium.

4. Midnight Flora: A Vibrant Discovery at 2000 Meters Deep

As you venture further into the Midnight area, you'll find the Midnight Flora at 2000 meters below the Methane Sea. Follow the air bubbles and vibrant blue plants until you encounter a pink, long-stemmed plant surrounded by corals. Hidden behind this plant is the orange Midnight Flora. Collecting this flora will grant you more Sonar XP, Glimmer, and a stunning piece of decoration for your fishy friends.

5. Abyss Plant: A Treasure Found in the Abyssopelagic Abyss

Abyss Plant A Treasure Found in the Abyssopelagic Abyss

Once you've completed the third week's mission, you'll unlock the final area, Abyss Depth. To reach this challenging area, you must first complete the encounters in both the Twilight and Midnight areas. Upon descending to the Abyssopelagic Abyss at 3500 meters, activate the switch on the metal grate and locate the Abyss Plant hiding in the sand to the right. This elusive plant will grant you even more Sonar XP and a captivating collectible for your aquarium.

6. Abyss Flora: The Final Piece in the Depths

For the last piece of flora, continue following air bubbles and glowing blue plants until you reach 4000 meters below the Methane Sea. Drop down into a boxed area with blue lights on the walls, and keep an eye out for a raised coral formation. Hidden behind this coral lies the Abyss Flora. Collecting this final piece of flora will reward you with the Aquarium Vivarium Triumph, the ultimate prize for your underwater exploration journey.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Aquarium Experience

Players who have successfully located and collected all six plants and flora in Destiny 2's Deep Dive activity have earned a unique sense of accomplishment. These collectibles will not only add life and color to your aquarium but also contribute to your Sonar levels and Glimmer reserves. Among all the plants and flora, the Twilight Plant and Midnight Flora stand out as favorites due to their beautiful design and the rewarding experience of discovering them in the game. Congratulations on completing this underwater treasure hunt and enhancing your aquarium with stunning plants and flora!