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Mastering the Art of Neutralizing Noxious Fumes in Baldur's Gate 3

Tania Dzibuk 11 Oct 2023

As a gamer, you may find yourself immersed in the captivating world of Baldur's Gate 3, and one particular challenge that could test your wits and skills is handling the Noxious Fumes. These perilous clouds of poison feature prominently in Act 1, specifically the Auntie Ethel quest. The Noxious Fumes, which are more dangerous than regular poison clouds, are released from vents in the ground. The challenge now is to find effective ways to neutralize these toxic clouds, and this guide will provide you with several practical techniques to do just that.

Blocking the Noxious Fumes Vents

The optimal way to neutralize the Noxious Fumes is by blocking the vents. You'll encounter these toxic clouds along the corridor leading to Auntie Ethel's arena. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Separate your party, leaving one character with the highest Wisdom stat to handle the puzzle.
  2. Approach the Noxious Fumes, but do not enter.
  3. Use a ranged weapon or spell to ignite the explosive flowers near the clouds from a safe distance.
  4. Once the area has exploded and the vent is visible, throw an item from your inventory onto it to block it.

Repeat these steps for each Noxious Fumes cloud you encounter. Remember, the items you use to block the vents may be permanently lost.

Disarming Noxious Fumes Vents

If you're not keen on using your inventory items to block vents, you can disarm the vents completely, although this may take a bit more time. Start by following the same steps as above, but this time drink an Elixir of Poison Resistance before entering the Noxious Fumes. Once inside the cloud, you can interact with the vent and use a Sleight of Hand check to disarm it. Repeat this process for each vent along your desired path.

Crossing Noxious Fumes Vents Without Interaction

If you'd rather not interact with the vents at all, there's a third option. This strategy involves the entire party sticking together and requires at least four Elixirs of Poison Resistance. After taking the elixir, your group can safely run across the Noxious Fumes clouds without taking damage. Start by shooting the flower to ignite the cloud, wait for the fire to die down, and then run through the Noxious Fumes to a safe spot. Repeat this process until you reach Auntie Ethel's arena.

Neutralizing the Noxious Fumes in Baldur's Gate 3 may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of strategy and a handful of Elixirs of Poison Resistance, you can overcome this obstacle and continue your quest. Whether you choose to block the vents, disarm them, or simply run through the clouds, these techniques will enable you to navigate the Auntie Ethel quest with confidence and ease.